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Introducing our 2019 honoree

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 My name is Brodie, I retired as a Navy SEAL Senior Chief (E8).  I was raised in a small ski town in Colorado.  After graduating from high school I joined the Navy in 1997.  Immediately after boot camp I began my 20-year Naval Special Warfare career.  After I successfully graduating from SEAL training I was assigned to a SEAL team and completed three overseas deployments to Kosovo, Bosnia, and the Middle East performing as the platoon’s lead sniper point man.  In 2003, I was selected to another 8-month challenging selection and training program.  Once I graduated, I immediately started to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2006 during my fourth rotation to OEF my team and I were involved in an eight-hour fire fight.  While we were securing the last objective an enemy fragmentation grenade struck me in the chest and fell to the floor.  I was able to kick it away but the grenades fuse was too fast.  After the grenade exploded just three feet away from me, I was blown back out of the room. I was immediately drug out by my teammates and was instantly prepped to be airlifted to a medical station at Bagram Air Base.  Once at Bagram, I underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove over 200 pieces of metal fragments and rocks from my, neck, hands, and all of my lower extremities.  Once I returned home I had to undergo 10 more surgeries to try and remove the rest of the metal fragments and rocks, but the surgeries were unsuccessfully.  I still have over 50+ pieces of FRAG in my joints and legs. But, with rehab, I was able to join my teammates and deploy again six months after the explosion.  During my subsequent ten more deployments (17 total) to Iraq, Afghanistan and other hostel territories I sustained 7 more Traumatic Brain Injury’s and permanent damage to my rips, shoulders, and ankles.  In 2017 my body didn’t feel like continuing the fight.  So, as a team, we decided to retire.  My personal awards include, Eight Bronze Stars with Combat ‘V”, One Purple Heart, and many others.​​

My true honor in life is to have shared this 20-year sacrifice with my heroes, my wife, who is my rightful and only love and my two young boys.  

- Long Live the Brotherhood -
Mission Statement:
The Phoenix Wounded Vet Run is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. Our sole purpose is to assist our fellow Arizona veterans who have made personal sacrifices to defend our nation and the freedoms in which we love so dearly. Now it's our turn to help Arizona Veterans.
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Phoenix Wounded Vet Run

501(c)3 Nonprofit
As we look back through the last few years at our growth, we continue to be amazed by the pure support we have recieved from our community. It's the people that make this ride happen every year. Because of the communities that rally behind our veterans, and our cause, we can continue our mission.

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